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1000w digital ballast with auto dimming

  • XLDL-HPS-1000Z
600W Electronic Ballast with auto dimming


1.    Run MH and HPS lamps.
2.    Excellent working performance, PF>0.97, THD≤10%
3.    Multi self-protections: Open circuit, short circuit, end of lamp life, ignition failure, under voltage, over current.
4.    Stable performance: Quick start, no flicking, no acoustic resonance.
5.    Good heat dispersion.
6.    30% Efficiency and 30% luminance higher than traditional magnetic ballast, which ensures energy-saving.
7.   Can work with 0-11V smart lighting controller and realize auto dimming.

Technical Parameters
1000w 自动款 技术参数

Installation Sketch


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