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8000 series intelligent lighting control system

8000 series intelligent lighting control system

8000 series intelligent lighting control system introduced the network into the lighting surveillance field. Based from the street lights working model innovation, we beat the problems of single lamp, cable anti-theft technical, and bring the lighting control into the Internet era. XLDL-8000 series intelligent lighting control system can manage each street lamp including its on/off, jurisdiction and dimming. Each concentrator can manage 200 lights within 1km. With the using of XLDL series high efficient electronic ballasts, it’s compatible with high-pressure sodium, metal halide, and 50% to 100% of the linear dimming control for each lamp.

Our company will provide you with a full set of equipment:
1, The intelligent control system software;
2, Remote control handsets and software;
3, Remote control concentrator;
4, High efficient electronic ballasts

The function of the control system has seven characteristics shown as below:
1. The remote distributed control is realized by using Internet technology and GPRS wireless network.
2. The independent control of street lamps under the same power network and automatic relay function that all sections covered communication distance, which is realized by using high-performance DCSK modulation of power line?communication technology.
3. The monitoring center centralized data management and monitoring. Based on a partition fragmentation management network to road, a large street lamp control system is forming, and the central system monitoring of city is against the background of city vector electronic map, the each remote query/set up terminal operation parameters and the remote control terminal switch operation are dynamic visual displayed on screen for each terminal.
4. The automatic control functions for each section of concentrator. Once the locations (latitude/longitude), date, the current time, the time of turning on or off the lights are set up one-time, there is no need to do any adjustment later. According to local time changing of the day or night, the warp/weft time algorithm built-in the software can turning the lighting on/off time automatically (for example, if the dark time delayed by 1 minute than yesterday, the time of light turning on today would also delay 1 minutes later), power adjustment with lighting time (be set to 50% - 100% as linear power output). This makes the management convenient and control very reliable.
5. The light-dependent control. As long the light intensity value has been set and?the light-dependent control function turning on, the terminal can realize the on/off operation according to the changes of the weather and working fairly good (such as turn on the light at a sudden rainy day or solar eclipse), this would make the system more humanized and intellectualization.
6. The real-time control of?city-street-light?system. The staff at the monitoring center can turn on/off the street lamps in time according to the weather, climate change, and also make ensure the consistency and randomness of switching time at the given area. The remotely can set the state of certain area within a certain time (lighting of at the middle night) and the output power of each single lamp (50% - 100% as linear power output) in order to save power.
7. The alarm processing. Alarm aspects include: cable anti-theft, fault distribution box, distribution box illegal to open the door, such as voltage, current, the limit of fault。The statistics function can be queried by the records, all the data can be exported in the form of EXCEL according to the year, month and day statistical data, which is convenient to save and print


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